May 022012

You know how sometimes advertisers intentionally misspell words on billboards and elsewhere because of its strange tendency to catch the eye?  I thought I’d try that.  The correct spelling, of course, is “Free Sith”, which refers to the movement to liberate the unjustly imprisoned Dark Lords in a galaxy far, far away.

Also, while checking my digital in-box this afternoon, I learned about a couple of free metal giveaways that I thought were worth passing on. First, Candlelight Records has today made available a free 8-song sampler of music by Candlelight artists, including previously unreleased material from Falloch, The Rotted, Wodensthrone, Sear Bliss, Woe, Winterfylleth, and Rumpelstiltskin Grinder — and it also includes the first single (“The Paranoid”) from Ihsahn’s new album Eremita.

I’m not familiar with Wodensthrone (yet), but the rest of those bands are all excellent, which makes this a very delectable deal. Unfortunately for many of you, the sampler is being offered exclusively through For those who are able to get downloads from that site, GO HERE. After the jump, I’ve pasted more info from the press release about the music included on this sampler.

Oh, but that’s not all . . . Metal Blade has just made available a free sampler on the (Germany) site, and it includes 20 tracks, including songs by Amon Amarth, Six Feet Under (this is a new track from their forthcoming album), Cannibal Corpse, In Solitude, JFAC, Goatwhore, and Vomitory. The track list is after the jump. GO HERE to get that sampler, if you can. Continue reading »