Jun 272018


On July 20th the underground Mexican label Iron Blood & Death Corp. will release a new split featuring four songs each by two world-beating death-metal slaughterers, Sweden’s Humanity Delete and Carnal Garden from Greece, and today we present the premiere of one track from the split by each band — along with a few words of introduction, taking them one at a time.


The opportunity to highlight a new release by any of Rogga Johansson’s many projects is always a sadistic joy for us, and today’s premiere is no exception. This particular project first began to coalesce in about 2003 when Humanity Delete recorded a demo (which was never released), but didn’t spring forth into the public’s consciousness until 2012, when the Never Ending Nightmares full-length made its debut. Four years later Humanity Delete discharged a second middle finger of an album, Fuck Forever Off. And now we have four new songs, with Humanity Delete’s side of this split entitled Anthems of Doom. Continue reading »