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On July 20th the underground Mexican label Iron Blood & Death Corp. will release a new split featuring four songs each by two world-beating death-metal slaughterers, Sweden’s Humanity Delete and Carnal Garden from Greece, and today we present the premiere of one track from the split by each band — along with a few words of introduction, taking them one at a time.


The opportunity to highlight a new release by any of Rogga Johansson’s many projects is always a sadistic joy for us, and today’s premiere is no exception. This particular project first began to coalesce in about 2003 when Humanity Delete recorded a demo (which was never released), but didn’t spring forth into the public’s consciousness until 2012, when the Never Ending Nightmares full-length made its debut. Four years later Humanity Delete discharged a second middle finger of an album, Fuck Forever Off. And now we have four new songs, with Humanity Delete’s side of this split entitled Anthems of Doom.



Fangs of the Wulf“, the song we’re bringing you today, is the third of HD’s four tracks on the split. Lyrically, it captures a particularly vicious vision — a cowering human fruitlessly attempting to hide from from a wolf on the hunt , and then experiencing the agony of fangs sinking deep, ripping its prey apart, and devouring his still-beating heart.

I’m not sure what came first, the lyrics or the music, but the sounds definitely mesh with the gruesome savagery of the words. The music rips and roars with blood-rushing and blood-spraying energy. There’s a grim, dismal atmosphere to the melodies that course through the veins of the track, and the growled words come from a throat that sounds clotted with congealing ichor.

But as horrifying as all that is, the song is also a highly infectious, turbocharged jolt of power which sounds as much like a full-throttle tank attack as a wolf assaulting its shivering human prey. The wicked, crackling riffs jab fast and furiously, the soloing is incendiary, the bass work is nimble, and the drumming drives like pistons. If you’re feeling woozy, this will wake you the fuck up.





The Greek band Carnal Garden was started around 2012 by guitarist/bassist John “Weedow” Dafopoulos (Pigskinner, Puter Deus), later joined by vocalist Kostas Analytis (Abyssus, Cryptic Realms, Soulskinner) before the 2015 release of the band’s debut EP, On the Final Day. With Dimitris Miglis bringing his drumming skills to the band, Carnal Garden released their debut album less than two years later in the form of Where They Are Silent.

The four songs that make up the band’s side of this new split collectively bear the title Lethal Onslaught, and a song of the same name, which launches the Carnal Garden side, is what we have for you today.

Like the Humanity Delete track we’re premiering, “Lethal Onslaught” has a murderous and merciless lyrical theme, its protagonist apparently a deathless serial killer bent on tearing his victims to pieces and leaving the unburied corpses to rot. In the words, madness and sadism combine to produce lethal brutality — and the music bears the same hallmarks.

Horror oozes from the song, the seething riffs and raw, braying vocals conveying a sensation of bloodthirsty madness, while the skull-thumping drumbeats and spine-shaking bass lines pull the trigger on your autonomic muscle reflexes. When the cadence slows to a morbid slog and the riff segues to a vibrating moan of misery, doom descends in the agony of death.



And with that introduction, please enjoy our premiere of “Fangs of the Wulf” and “Lethal Onslaught“. For more info about this split and how to get it, keep an eye on these spaces (you’ll also find the full track list below):

Iron Blood & Death:

Humanity Delete:

Carnal Garden:

1. Humanity Delete – Bone hammer 02:55
2. Humanity Delete – Lairhunter 03:15
3. Humanity Delete – Fangs of the Wulf 03:58
4. Humanity Delete – Hooftrampled Skulls 03:41
5. Carnal Garden – Lethal Onslaught 03:29
6. Carnal Garden – Aeonic Slumber 03:06
7. Carnal Garden – Enemy Territory 02:50
8. Carnal Garden – Prima Materia 04:22



  1. Ah, yes, the old middle finger in the band photo. With the “Varsity” generic tee.
    Edgy AF.

    • As far as I’m concerned, Rogga Johansson has earned the right to do and wear whatever he wants.

      • Y’all should have dinner at Applebee’s.

        • I don’t think they have those in Sweden and I don’t think he’s coming to Seattle anytime soon, so that sounds like a non-starter.

          • In addition to its restaurants throughout the United States, Applebee’s®️ has franchised operations in a handful of foreign countries, including Canada, Curacao, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, and Sweden.
            Like I said, EDGY.
            Like a Soundcloud rapper.

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