Aug 192016



Unique Leader has discovered yet another death metal band capable of dropping jaws with their technical skill, but as you’re about to find out, this band have talents that go beyond their ability to spit notes and beats with speed and precision. The band’s name is Carnophage and they are from the ancient city of Ankara, Turkey. Their new album bears the title Monument, and Unique Leader will release it on September 23.

This isn’t the first album by Carnophage, but it is the first one in eight years, with the band’s debut (Deformed Future/Genetic Nightmare) having appeared in 2008, also via Unique Leader. In those eight years, it’s fair to say there’s been a Vesuvius-like eruption in the number of bands who could be branded with the “technical death metal” label. But they haven’t all been cut from the same cloth. And although there is a high risk of reaching a saturation point, it’s still possible to stand out from the crowd.

It you happened to hear the first advance track from this album, a song called “At The Backside Of Our Civilization”, you already have an idea of the ways in which Carnophage have elevated themselves from the masses with this new album. We’re giving you further evidence today, as we present the debut of another song, this one named “Resistance Against Mind Clouding Heresy“. Continue reading »