Sep 252020


Gluttons of the most malignant and mutilating strains of death metal, open your maws wide and prepare to become engorged in your feeding. Everyone else, get ready to cower in the corner. Because on October 23rd Sentient Ruin Laboratories will release the debut album of Vancouver’s Ceremonial Bloodbath, aptly named The Tides of Blood.

The album is startling in the degree to which it plumbs the toxic depths of death metal darkness and dementia, and in its ability to discharge sonic sickness and chaos with such fiendishly ingenious calculation and such cleverly sadistic flourishes. That a new band have been able to achieve such heights of well-constructed slaughtering and drag the listener into such abysmal descents is not surprising when you learn that their line-up consists of members of such established bands as Scum Division Cult, Nightfucker, Encoffinate, Radioactive Vomit, Grave Infestation, Mass Grave, Temple of Abandonment, and Deathwinds.

As they say in the trade, the music’s not for the faint of heart. But for connoisseurs of top-shelf bestiality and supernatural dread, it’s a gem. And the album track we’re presenting today, “Primitive“, is proof positive of that. Continue reading »