Sep 062016



It’s fair to say that most of the music we feature at this site could be imprisoned for sonic assault and battery, arson, premeditated murder, and/or practicing brain surgery without a license. This next song is off those well-beaten paths (pun intended). Though just as deranged in its own way, it operates on the senses with different twisted techniques.

The name of the band is öOoOoOoOoOo. The name could be pronounced as it is spelled, I suppose, sort of like the sound of an extended orgasm.  But it isn’t meant to be pronounced. At least I don’t think it’s meant to be pronounced; I’m not really sure. My guess is that it’s more like a pictogram, an arrangement of letters that resembles the creature from which the band takes its actual name — which is Chenille in French, Caterpillar in English, कमला in Nepali, and so on.

The debut album of öOoOoOoOoOo is called Samen, and it will be released on October 21 by Apathia Records. öOoOoOoOoOo is a collaboration between Asphodel (the former singer of the avant-garde metal band Pin-Up Went Down) and multi-instrumentalist Baptiste Bertrand; they were joined on this album by Aymeric Thomas of Pryapisme as session drummer. The song we have for you is “No Guts = No Masters“. Continue reading »