Mar 172016

Child Bite-Negative Noise


Man, I still can’t get enough of that album cover up there. So colorful… so hallucinatory… something like a womb with a skull at the business end and claws cradling the fetus. How can you not want to gird your loins and dive into the music to see what strange sensations lie in wait? I sure wanted to. And I’m sure glad I did.

The artwork was created by Shawn Knight, who also contributes his vocal talents to Child Bite, the veteran Detroit-area band whose line-up also includes Sean Clancy (bass), Brandon Sczomak (guitar), and Jeff Kraus (drums). The name of the album is Negative Noise, and yes indeed, it’s a strange and thoroughly invigorating trip — from which we have the pleasure of delivering the premiere of a song called “Video Blood“. Continue reading »

Mar 142016

Child Bite-Negative Noise


(Allen Griffin reviews the new album by Detroit’s Child Bite.)

While the infamous D-Beat has become nearly ubiquitous in some corners of the Extreme Metal world, Punk’s influence doesn’t seem to extend much beyond that these days. Rarely does a Punk band emerge now who harkens back to the genre’s early pioneers and the sense of sonic experimentalism that drove them to create such fascinating music. Detroit’s Child Bite are doing their best to fix that with their new album Negative Noise, due out on Housecore Records on April 1st.

The most immediate comparison one might pick up on as Child Bite does their thing is Dead Kennedys, albeit with the kind of sonic abrasiveness suitable for modern times. Continue reading »