Mar 202016

Chronobot-Algoma split


AlgomA are a “despair-fueled sludge” band from Sault Ste. Marie in Ontario, Canada. Chronobot are purveyors of “noisy, spaced-out stoner doom” from Regina and Prince Albert in Saskatchewan. They have joined together on a new split release that will become available on vinyl and as a digital download on April 1 — and today we bring you the premiere of one track from the split by each band.

As you’re going to discover, although there are definite differences in the approach of these two bands, this split makes a lot of sense, too — because both bands are soul-crushingly heavy.


AlgomA’s debut release was the full-length album Reclaimed by the Forest in 2014. Their two tracks on the split are “Phthisis” and “Electric Fence”, and what you’re about to hear is the first of those. Continue reading »