Jun 082015


Although I’m on the road for my fucking day job, I found more time to myself last night and this morning than I expected. Of course, I used that time to blog like a maniac — so, we will actually have a mammoth amount of content on our site today, beginning with this collection of new music I’d like to recommend. The songs are all quite different from each other, but most of them have some connection to the realms of black metal.


Claret Ash, from Canberra, Australia, have recorded a sophomore album named The Cleansing, which will be released on July 8. Yesterday the band revealed the album’s cover art and a new song named “Desolation of A Pierced Soul”. The album cover was created by one of my favorite metal art talents, Sam Nelson (Stigma), and I think it’s wonderful. So is the new song. Continue reading »