Sep 152021

“Spewed from a place of utter anxiety, extreme metal harbingers COGAS impose a new strain of dark death-black metal annihilation entirely their own, stitching together the timeless brutality of old school death metal and the transformative sonic bedlam of the current visionary black metal crop, to create a majestic and emotive extreme metal behemoth of epic magnitude”.

We almost never quote from promotional materials for music we’re premiering or reviewing, preferring to lay out our own thoughts in our own words — and we will certainly do that here. But that paragraph above is worth quoting because it does provide a useful and accurate introduction to the debut album of this UK band we’re now premiering in full, in advance of its September 17 release — as does this further paragraph from the press materials:

“Weaving together layers of dense textures, ceremonial rhythms and looming atmospheres, COGAS excels at the art of organized chaos through sound. Across this new material the London-based band blends elements of extreme metal and macabre stories of Sardinian witchcraft (the Italian island is the homeland of two of the band members (frontman Piero Mura and guitarist Davide Ambu) with ambient explorations, epic sensibilities and grinding walls of sound that defy categorization”. Continue reading »