Oct 052015

Cold Northern Vengeance-Maelstrom


I bet I know what you’re thinking: I bet you’re thinking about the cover art up there, the one for Maelstrom, which is the second album by New Hampshire’s Cold Northern Vengeance that Moribund Records will be releasing right before Halloween. Start thinking about this instead: a song from the album named “Pierced By the Tree” that you can stream at the end of this post.

The song is in some ways familiar and in other ways surprising. It builds like a strengthening storm, introduced by the crash of water, by the wail of the wind, by the swell of dark noise and the crush of pounding bass chords. Cold, raking melodic riffs descend in cascades, pierced like lightening by a high lead guitar melody. A baritone voice begins to intone the lyrics in a solemn manner while the guitar slashes around it and the bass thunders overhead. A somber melody swirls through the song, taking hold of your mind as it courses through the music. Continue reading »