Dec 212018


The Swiss band Colossus Fall are making their first appearance at our site today, but they’re hardly new to the scene, having previously released a 2012 EP (Sempervirens), a 2013 split-vinyl with Gacys Threads, and a 2015 debut album (Hidden Into Details), and having performed more than 100 shows in Europe, supporting such high-profile bands as Agnostic Front, Walls of Jericho, Terror, Neurosis, Clutch, and Nostromo. Now, they have a second album named Earthbeat on the horizon, which is set for release by Tenacity Music on January 25th, and that furnishes the occasion for our premiere of a new song: “Darkness Swirled Around Us“.

With a backbone of hard-hitting metallic hardcore, Colossus Fall bring other ingredients into play, including thrash and sludge. This explosive new track bounces and races, bruises and yet is buoyant. It’s a ticket straight to headbang city, it’s brazenly passionate, and it proves to be highly infectious. Continue reading »