Feb 142014

Deathcore is not dead, but it is evolving, and branching in different directions. With their forthcoming debut album Lobotocracy, the French band Colossus show us the direction they have taken, and we’ll be giving you a glimpse of it through our exclusive premiere of the album’s seventh track, “Endless Torments”.

Lobotocracy is non-stop warfare — a maiming, vicious, often technically acrobatic assault that’s far closer to Aborted-style death/grind than Colossus’ deathcore roots. It brings the punishment with pile-driving grooves, a plethora of guitar leads that squirm, skitter, and swarm, and rapid-fire, start-stop riff bursts that will leave flesh in tatters. The album reveals a noticeable step-up in technical proficiency, and the band infiltrate their brutal hammering with an array of bleak, insidious melodies that leave no room for hope.

There’s no solace to be found in the band’s dual-vocal barrage either. Those hoarse roars and hair-raising shrieks match the destructive intensity of the rest of the music. Continue reading »