May 162014

(Austin Weber puts the spotlight on a big load of 2013 (and 2012) releases that he feels were overlooked. This is Part 4 of a four-part piece. Previous installments appeared on each of the preceding three days.)


Snake Baptist are a group I found through The Number 12 Looks Like You Facebook page when I recently scrolled through it. Even though they are broken up, I curiously checked their page after listening to #12 all day. I felt moved that day by the somber intro to #12’s “Jay Walking Backwards”, as they were a band who my late brother and I mutually enjoyed. So the sadness contained in that intro really hit me hard for some sentimental reason.

Anyways, on to the serpentine bastards in Snake Baptist. Basically, they mix The Sawtooth Grin type of chaotic grind (a comparison helped by the presence in the band of The Sawtooth Grin’s vocalist Rich) with a Dillinger tinge, and then make the sound more insane with a scalding powerviolence influence. Continue reading »