Oct 042022

(Last spring we had the pleasure of premiering a song from the fantastic new album by Pennsylvania-based Cultic, a duo consisting of Rebecca and Brian Magar (who have recently expanded into a trio), and now we have the pleasure of presenting Comrade Aleks‘ very informative interview with Brian.)

Cultic is a York-based death-doom duet with a recognizable primordial sound and a dark fantasy concept behind both of their albums. They started as a trio in 2017: Brian Magar (bass, vocals, guitars), Rebecca Magar (drums), and Reese Harlacker (bass) recorded their demo Prowler back then. The full-length album High Command was released by Eleventh Key in 2019, and their most up-to-date album is Of Fire and Sorcery, which saw the light of day in April 2022 with the help of the very same label.

One of Cultic features is grim, absolutely eerie synths which work perfectly with low, distorted riffs and Brian’s raw vocals. High Command offered a plenty of it and Of Fire and Sorcery grants even more! Surely it’s worthy of listening, as this interview with Brian Magar is worth reading. Continue reading »

Apr 012022

Rebecca Magar is one of those people whose diversity of talent just make you shake your head, feeling humbled. I mean, look at that cover art up above that she painted for her band Cultic‘s new album, Of Fire and Sorcery. And then also look at her painted cover art for the band’s preceding debut album, High Command:

And then consider that she’s also Cultic‘s formidable drummer. And then further consider how marvelously interwoven her cover art is with the music she and her equally formidable husband Brian (guitar, vocals, keyboard, and arrangements) have made under the Cultic name — which we’ll give you an immediate chance to do through our premiere of the new album’s second single, “Warlock“. Continue reading »