Dec 152022

Last year Iron Bonehead Productions released Chalice of Disease, the debut album of the Brazilian solo project Trance of the Undead. “Malodorous black/death” was one of the terms affixed to that record, though in commenting on some of the music we used terms like “mind-mangling”, “unhinged”, “ear-abrading”, and “frighteningly weird”. It seemed like the true sonic spawn of Hell, ugly as sin, oppressively dense and distorted, but unexpectedly intricate in the most bizarre of ways.

It turns out that Trance of the Undead (the creator of those malevolent and malignant insults) has other methods of expression, and as the vehicle for those he chose the name Cursed Excruciation, whose debut album Arcane Diabolism the same Iron Bonehead has now set for release on January 13th. In this new guise, Trance of the Undead has pulled from the infernal wellsprings of such landmark ’90s black metal bands as Necromantia, circa Crossing the Fiery Path, and Mystifier, circa Göetia.

As an example of where this led, we’re now premiering a song fittingly named “Beast of Fire“. Continue reading »