Aug 072012

Inspired by the Art Nouveau movement, this is the CD jewelcase artwork for Monolith, the new album by the UK’s Sylosis. The artist is Dan Goldsworthy, who also created the cover art for the band’s last album, Edge of the Earth. According to the band, some of the inspiration came from Greek mythology, and that figure on the left loosely represents the devil in disguise or a satyr and may have something to do with the album’s concept.

Also, Dan Goldsworthy created a second piece of artwork for Monolith, which it appears Nuclear Blast is using as an “O-card cover”, whatever that is. You can see that after the jump, too.

Monolith will be released by Nuclear Blast on October 5 in Europe and October 9 elsewhere. Sylosis has been promising to premiere a new song for weeks, setting specific dates and then no-showing. Most recently, the promise was that a new track — “A Dying Vine” — would premiere yesterday on the band’s new web site. Nope.  More undisclosed “technical issues” reared their venomous heads. I was beginning to think that this was a new Machiavellian strategy designed to pump up fan frenzy.

However, though not quite johnny-on-the-spot with the premiere, Sylosis have today finally unveiled a new track called “Born Anew”. This song isn’t the one that was scheduled to appear on their web site. It’s one that was broadcast last night on a BBC radio program, which means that it’s now up on YouTube, which means the radio rip is embedded here after the jump. The band are also now streaming “Born Anew” on their Facebook band page HERE.

In addition, Sylosis has stated that they will soon be providing more news about the still-not-yet-functional web site, which presumably will include news about when “A Dying Vine” will be unveiled. To stay on top of that, visit their Facebook page.

And unless you get the wrong idea and think this post is nothing more than a whine session about Sylosis’ delays, allow me to say that “Born Anew” fucking rips.
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