Apr 292019


Dead Tongue hail from Padua, Italy, and have embraced the likes of Autopsy, old Carcass, Abscess, and Necrophagia as their musical brethren. Their second album, Disgorge Through the Eyes, was released last fall and provided a livid, 16-track manifestation of diseased old school death metal done right. The album has been available digitally since its release but is now being made available on CD, and to celebrate the occasion Dead Tongue have produced a video that we’re happily introducing today.

I bought the album last fall after hearing only one track, the beautifully named “Ethics of the Jugular“, which buried its hooks in my brain from the first listen and proved to be so addictive that it took me a while to get past it and into the rest of the album. But I eventually discovered that my impulsive purchase decision was a smart move, because the rest of the album is also killer, and pulls from a rich range of influences, which are not limited to gruesome old death metal.

Another track on the album (among many) that proved immediately addictive once i got to it is the one we’re featuring in this new video, “Prejudice On the Symbiosis“. Continue reading »

Nov 222018

A few other countries besides the United States have a Thanksgiving holiday, but not many, and none of them except the U.S. celebrates it today. So I guess in the vast majority of the world it’s just another day — and so it is at NCS. We do take a certain amount of pride in refusing to take time off for holidays. I mean, we mention them, and some of us partake of them in our non-blog lives, but at NCS they’re all just days, like all the other days, that give us a chance to give thanks for metal.

The following seven new songs flowed together very well in my head last night. Together they make one head-wrecking playlist of slaughtering sound. And Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.


The Norwegian wrecking crew Blood Red Throne, whose latest album (Union of Flesh and Machine) our Andy Synn called “yet another top-tier terminator of crushing, grooving, blasting belligerence and cold, calculated aggression”, recently discharged a lyric video for a new song from their next album, Fit To Kill, and that’s how we’ll begin today’s blood-letting. Continue reading »