Dec 152022

In September 2018 we came across a song from the then-forthcoming self-titled debut EP by the Dutch band Defy the Curse, and it lit us up like a torch. The band was relatively new then, but was composed of members who had previously honed their sonic weaponry in such groups as Legion Of The Damned, Collision, Slam Squad, Inhume, and Acid Deathtrip. In verbally frothing about the music, we ticked off some of what made it so gripping:

“First, they know how to cook up a clobbering caveman riff, and then flesh out that brutal thing with a massive HM-2 tone and the kind of drum-and-bass work that slugs damned hard right in the solar plexus (and the neck). The first minute-and-a-half of the song is just made for headbanging (and made very well for that purpose).

“Second, the band are also adept at awakening that dormant circle pit in your head, which is what they do when they start romping, rampaging, and chainsawing after that mid-paced opening segment. (But fear not, they come back to that staggering opening rhythm soon enough).

“And third, the band’s vocalist clearly needs to be tested for rabies.”

The rest of the EP also proved to be a hellaciously good offering of primal death/crust, and it left us hungry for more. Five years of hunger is a long time, but at last we’ve got new music from these marauders, in fact a full album’s worth of new music, which will be brought to us on January 15th by Hammerheart Records under the name Horrors of Human Sacrifice. What we’re fiendishly happy to bring you today is an album track named “Eidolon of the Blind“. Continue reading »

Sep 212018


This has been another banner week for new metal, and fortunately I’ve had enough time to compile one more round-up to follow the one from two days ago. Of course, even the combination of the two doesn’t provide a comprehensive display of everything I’ve been enjoying this week. As usual, the choices I’ve made were impulsive, though I also made the usual effort to include variety in today’s post.

I also hope this late-week collection will make up for the fact that I won’t be writing anything for NCS this weekend because I’ll be traveling on a short vacation. However, we should still have a Waxing Lyrical column from Andy tomorrow, and our ally HGD has stepped up to do Sunday’s Shades of Black feature (I’ve seen his selections, and they’re good ones). I’ll be back in the NCS harness on Monday.


Deiphago describe their music as “Experimental Hyper-speed Satanic Bestial Metal” — and every word of that is true, perhaps never more so than on the track I’ve chosen to begin today’s collection. It simply doesn’t sound like anything else you’re likely to find in the realms of black metal or black/death. It challenges convention, it viciously shoves us out of our musical comfort zones, it’s likely to leave you bewildered and bedazzled (or at least severely unbalanced). Continue reading »