Oct 192016



In music, as in other art forms, complexity is the proverbial double-edged sword. Depending on how it is wielded, it can heighten intrigue and interest, transfixing the listener in following its labyrinthine pathways, or it can result in a jumbled mess that perversely becomes monotonous. In our humble opinion, the band whose new song you’re about to hear succeeds in making the intricacy of their composition seductive, while at the same time creating a dark and disturbing aura and ultimately branding the song in your head.

The band in question is the French group Derealized — one woman (vocalist Myriam Fischer) and three men (guitarist Man Fischer, drummer Victorien Delacroix (ex-Diluvian), and bassist Mat Roger) who meld technical skill and inventive songwriting techniques in ways that are impressive, but without losing their grip on the qualities that make a song a song, and a memorable one at that. The song is “Isolation Poetry” and it’s the title track to their new album, which will be released on October 21 by Finisterian Dead End. Continue reading »