Jan 112022


The Boss HM-2 distortion pedal, and other devices that emulate its effects, are fantastic inventions. Similes for the sound abound, including the ubiquitous references to chainsaws cutting through dense wood. It also brings to mind someone gunning a big V-8 engine (do such things exist any more?) in a vehicle with a severely corroded, smoke-belching muffler, or maybe a junkyard car compactor working at full metal-mangling intensity. The deployment of the tone just makes everything sound more massively crushing.

That brand of distortion has become inseparably linked to old school Swedish death metal in all its gruesome, dragging, and scampering glory. But its uses extend beyond music devoted to death and supernatural horror, and in the case of Australia’s Descent (which features members of Snorlax, Resin Tomb, Feculent, Siberian Hell Sounds, and more) it has become a weapon in the discharge of violent, politically charged fury. In their case it’s also not the only weapon in their arsenal, nor is death metal the only genre ingredient in their music, because black metal and grindcore play prominent roles as well.

Maybe especially for those of who may think chainsaw discordance has worn out its welcome after so many years, Descent‘s new album Order of Chaos is worth your attention. And it definitely demands attention for any fan of metallic extremity who’s looking for a cathartic release through music of pulverizing, neck-ruining power and shuddering ferocity (coupled with effective use of gloom-drenched melody).

The album is set for imminent release on January 14th by Brilliant Emperor Records in cooperation with Redefining Darkness (CD) and Caligari Records (tape), and it’s our privilege to present its full streaming premiere today. Continue reading »

Jul 132018


Have you ever wondered what it might feel like to plant yourself, chained to something sturdy, in the face of a Category 5 hurricane? Or to be caught defenseless in the path of a jet-propelled carpet-bombing campaign? Or to be scorched to a crisp by the blast of a military-grade flamethrower? Well of course you have — haven’t we all?

There’s no need to wonder any more, or to be left with the emptiness of fervent desires for self-destruction gone unanswered. You just have to listen to “Skinwalker“. Even a single solitary listen will do the trick.

Skinwalker” is a track off the debut album by a band from Brisbane, Australia, named Descent, whose members come from the ranks of such bands as From These Wounds, Scumguts, Dire Wolf, Coffin Birth, The Fevered, and Siberian Hellsounds, most of whom we’ve written about here at one time or another. Entitled Towers of Grandiosity, the album is pegged for release by Redefining Darkness Records on August 31st. Continue reading »