Nov 122018


We have been ardent followers of the changing musical explorations of Matron Thorn for many years, through his work under the names Ævangelist, Benighted In Sodom, and Death Fetishist, to name but a few of his many morphing projects. His latest endeavor takes the name Devil Worshipper, a project in which he is joined by Fr.A.A. (from Portugal’s Tod Huetet Uebel) and Erethe Arashiel as vocalists, with guest appearances by Kabukimono and Sebastian Montesi (of Auroch and Mitochondrion).

The debut album of Devil Worshipper, Music For the Endtimes, will be released on December 14th by I, Voidhanger Records. The title makes no attempt to conceal what you’ll experience, and if you’re familiar with Matron Thorn’s previous work, you might also guess that in this particular sonic vision, things won’t end with a whimper. As the label accurately describes, this is the sound of “reality crumbling”, “revealing a nauseating yet fascinating abstract dimension of sin, depravation and oblivion.” Continue reading »