Oct 172012

Hey dudes and dudettes, what up this fine morning? I’ll tell you what’s up with me: I’m fuckin’ groggy and worn out from jetting around the damn country for my fuckin’ day job over the last three days, and I’m about to go back out to the goddamn airport AGAIN after one night sleeping in my own bed.

I’m tired of standing in lines. I’m tired of the TSA workers sticking their fingers in my bunghole and giving me the shit eye, as if they knew I was a coke mule, which of course they don’t because they’re not gettin’ far enough up my asshole to know the truth. I’m tired of the screaming brats who seem drawn to my part of the fuckin’ planes like it was a big magnetic nursing tit. I’m tired of other people poaching on my personal blogging time like they expect me to actually work for my pay (what a fuckin’ quaint idea).

And mainly I’m just tired. Lack of sleep compounded by airport and airplane fuckery makes me grumpy, as you might have noticed. But at the moment I’m experiencing a rare moment of cheeriness because of the three items in this post. It will pass, and I’ll become a shitty presence for all the poor motherfuckers I encounter again today, but for now I’m passing on the cheer: A new music video from Die Antwoord (South Africa); new songs from Vomitor (Australia); and yet another new-ish video from Give Zombies the Vote (Zombieland).


No, they’re not a metal band, but they’re zef. I don’t know exactly what zef means, but I think it means metal. They released a new music video yesterday for “Fatty Boom Boom” from their album TEN$ION on ZEF RECORDZ. I don’t even particularly enjoy rap music, but this video gave me some big smiles. And if you don’t like it, you can SUIG MY FOKKEN PIEL! Hier kom ek weer, like a lekker smack in da face, right after the jump. Vagina prawn. Continue reading »