Jun 262016

Rearview Mirror


For yet another week I’m devoting this backward look at metal’s past to a band I’ve only recently discovered. The band is Disincarnate, and the music I’ve chosen to stream is their lone album, 1993’s Dreams of the Carrion Kind.

The band was formed by guitarist James Murphy. Before then, he was a member of Death on their 1990 album Spiritual Healing, a session soloist on Cancer’s 1991 album Death Shall Rise, and a member of Obituary for their 1990 album Cause of Death. He was also a member of Testament from 1993 to 2000.

In 2001, Murphy was diagnosed with brain cancer but recovered after surgery. He has been a busy record producer and operates a recording studio (SafeHouse Production), and he has made guest appearances on dozens of albums (listed here). Continue reading »