Apr 242018


Unless you happen to be one of those few benighted souls for whom pounding and plundering death metal produces irritable bowel syndrome, the news of a new record by Dave Ingram and Rogga Johansson will be cause for rejoicing. Both have already left such a heavy and un-erasable mark on the genre that they could coast comfortably for many years to come, sustained by reputation alone and warmed by the embers of past glories. That they have rejected any inclination to shift into neutral, take their feet off the gas, and simply glide on the inertial push of past success must be seen as a testament to unquenched passion.

These two have also collaborated as members of the excellent Echelon (whose most recent album was The Brimstone Aggrandizement in 2016), and both have each separately participated in other recent projects whose albums have been released by the same label (Transcending Obscurity) that’s releasing this latest collaborative effort, i.e., Ursinne and Paganizer. Their joint venture which is the subject of this post brandishes the evocative name Down Among the Dead Men, and its new (third) album is …And You Will Obey Me. And of course, yes I will. How could I resist? Continue reading »

Oct 212013

From my morning listening to randomly selected cuts from new and forthcoming albums, I’ve collected this very diverse assortment that I think will be well worth your time. If you disagree, please tell me that you love them anyway in order to protect my tender psyche from emotional bruising.


The immediate attraction of this new band is its veteran line-up: Dave Ingram, former vocalist for Bolt Thrower, Benediction, and Downlord; guitarist Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Ribspreader, Putrevore, and many more), and bassist Dennis Blomberg (also in Paganizer and Ribspreader), along with session drummer Erik Bevenrud. They’ve recorded a self-titled debut album scheduled for a November 22 release by the German label Cyclone Empire. I’ve been making my way through the album in bits and pieces — which isn’t the ideal way to do it — but I’m very high on what these guys have accomplished. And now one of the songs has been made available for streaming.

“Draconian Rage” is a bulldozing blaze of punk-infused death metal with a curiously infectious little melody that rears its head through the buzzing guitars, punchy percussion, and bestial vocals just long enough to get its hooks in your head. Listen next. Continue reading »