Apr 152012

(Time to slam. We’re pleased to welcome back guest columnist JJ “Shiv” Polachek, with another installment of the Sweatpants Mosh Update. For the uninitiated, Shiv is the vocalist for both 7 Horns 7 Eyes, whose debut full-length Throes of Absolution will be released on April 24 by Century Media, and Ovid’s Withering, whose debut EP we recently reviewed here.)

Welcome back to the Sweatpants Mosh Update! Today I’d like to pay tribute to the fallen warriors of the Sweatpants Mosh — the rising stars of slam who had made their mark and showed their promise and potential, only to fall at the hands of breaking up for whatever reason. Many of these prolific visionaries would have been leaders of our current slam generation if they simply hadn’t succumbed to the final deathblow of disbanding. I’m hoping this is enough text for the intro paragraph to look legit so I can just start talking about the actual music. Here’s a picture of a baby goat just to make sure there’s something cool before the jump.

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