Sep 152014


(In this post our guest Kunal Choksi, editor of the Transcending Obscurity webzine, recommends releases by four bands from The Czech Republic.)

The Czech Republic is considered to be one of the most important countries for grindcore. However, it must be noted that the country’s music, especially in this style, came to the fore only in the last decade. Bands like Lykathea Aflame, Alienation Mental, Cerebral Turbulency, Malignant Tumour, and Ingrowing were very important and led the way. Most of them broke up and many of them veered toward the style where they imbibed “gore” influences. But whether grindcore or goregrind, it’s still grind and even to this date, the country is kicking ass like no other in doling out excellent top-notch grind. While some lost their way, like !T.O.O.H! and Alienation Mental, bands like Fleshless turned completely death metal and left a mark, and others changed names and started new bands like Opitz, Rubufaso Mukufo, Eardelete, Duobetic Homunkulus, and more.

Currently the scene is still vibrant, with most bands employing the groovy/slammy style that’s become popular of late, but these are the bands who are leading the way and remaining outstanding.

EARDELETE (sci-fi robo-grind/gore/death metal)

Eardelete rose from the ashes of Negligent Collateral Collapse (N.C.C.), who were a sensational band back in the day. N.C.C. were virtually incomparable, with the music sounding like an amalgam of grindcore, goregrind, and of course death metal. It had this futuristic vibe to it, seemingly influenced by early Squash Bowels and Dead Infection, which has been carried on quite well by Eardelete, having retained most of the members. Continue reading »