Jan 172020


As you can see, I have ambitions to recommend quite a lot of new songs, enough to justify splitting up the collection into two parts. I can’t promise that Part 2 will arrive today, because I haven’t written it yet. Might be tomorrow before you see it, but trust me, it’s worth seeing (and mainly worth hearing) even if you have to wait until Saturday.

I confess that I chose to put these particular five songs together not only because I liked them quite a lot but also because I enjoyed the idea of giving you genre-whiplash as you move through them.


The first four songs in this collection all come from bands whose previous releases we’ve acclaimed here at the NCS hovel, and all of them now have new full-lengths headed our way in 2020. The first of those is the Australian blackened death metal band Earth Rot, whose new album Black Tides of Obscurity will be released on March 6th by Season of Mist. The first advance track, “Dread Rebirth“, is the album opener, and it arrived along with a video that’s full of interesting visual effects. Continue reading »

Mar 292017


(Andy Synn reviews the new second album by Australia’s Earth Rot.)

As much as some people hate it, I find making comparisons between bands to be very useful when writing reviews, as they help me to set the reader/listener on the right path, and allow me to put them in the right frame of mind when listening to a new album.

But picking and choosing the right references to make is more of an art than a science, and inferring what other bands may have influenced a certain artist is more complex still.

Case in point, during a recent conversation about the heavy influence of Dismember and early Entombed (particularly in their cutting, buzzsaw-through-bone guitar tone) I hear when listening to Earth Rot, two of the band’s members happened to chime in to inform me that, as a matter of fact, none of them are massive fans of either group, and would all consider both Dark Funeral and Emperor to have had a much greater impact on their sound than anything from the Stockholm scene!

Like I said, it’s an art, not a science…

Still, now that it’s been made painfully clear I have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, what else can I actually say about Renascentia?

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Apr 082016

Earth Rot-Chthonian Virtues

Australia has a vibrant and diverse metal scene, with great bands across a broad range of genres. I know this with the rational part of my brain, the part that tries to observe and remember. But when I think of Australian metal, I admit that I tend to reflexively think first of death metal, and in particular the kind of death metal that resembles what you hear about all the flora and fauna in the Outback, i.e., that everything is trying to kill you.

Earth Rot come from Perth, Australia. They are a death metal band, but not a straight-forward, undiluted death metal band, as you will discover when you listen to the title track we’re premiering from their new EP, Chthonian Virtues. Continue reading »