Aug 192013

It’s usually one of my NCS comrades who decides to confuse the shit out of new readers by posting music that includes clean singing. I figured it was my turn.


There are two things in this post, both of which I’m digging. The first is the just-released title track to Sister, the third album by Sweden’s In Solitude. It’s scheduled for release by Metal Blade in North America on October 1 (and a few days earlier in Europe) and is already available for order here.

The song has a central riff that’s a classic heavy metal mind-controller, the kind that burrows in and makes a comfy home in your cranium. The occult-ish melody is infectious as hell, “Hornper” Åhman’s soaring vocals are mighty appealing, there’s a sweet wah-wah solo, and the galloping rhythm is unstoppable. Despite my usual preference in vocal stylings, this song has got me hooked. Here it is (and don’t forget that this band is touring NorthAm with Watain and Tribulation): Continue reading »