May 122016

Enthean-Priests of Annihilation


(Andy Synn reviews the debut album by South Carolina’s Enthean.)

Before we begin, I’d like to talk a little bit about Emperor, if I may?

Following the band’s dissolution in 2001 the two main songwriters behind the Norwegian legends — Vegard Sverre Tveita, a.k.a. Ihsahn, and Tomas Thormodsæter Haugen, a.k.a. Samoth – both embarked on new musical endeavours of their own, with Ihsahn pursuing his more progressive leanings under his own moniker, while Samoth elected to follow a more deathly path, first with the mechanoid menace of Zyklon and then, more recently, with the thrashier strains of The Wretched End (whose new album I’ll also be reviewing very soon).

Despite being repeatedly questioned about it, both men have long been adamant that a full Emperor reunion, one which would result in a new album (as opposed to the occasional live show), just isn’t in the cards, largely because they’ve both moved on – personally and musically – and simply aren’t in the same place to collaborate in that way anymore.

Why am I saying all this? It’s because South Carolina Black/Death dilettantes Enthean sound, in places at least, almost exactly how I’d imagine an Emperor reunion would… both for better and for worse. Continue reading »

Apr 252016

Enthean- Priests Of Annihilation


(Austin Weber brings us the premiere of a song from the forthcoming debut album by Enthean.)

While, until now, I’ve yet to cover South Carolina progressive black metal/technical death metal horde Enthean here at NCS, I’ve been torturously waiting for these guys to release something ever since hearing their 2013 demo, Tones Of Desecration.

Well, it looks like 2016 is finally the year of Enthean, since their debut full-length, Priests Of Annihilation, finally drops on May 20th. In advance of its release, we’ve got a skull-shattering new jam from the band to premiere for you today called “Before You, I Am”. Continue reading »