Mar 152021


Sometimes as you gaze through your musical playlist all you want is the quick hit, a burst of adrenaline, an episode of violence, a jolt to the muscle reflexes, a spinning centrifuge for your brain. And maybe at other times you just want to sink yourself into another world, to lose yourself in a different realm — even if it’s one where it seems all life is being methodically snuffed out. Sometimes becoming spellbound is the goal, even if the spell is darker than midnight.

Which brings us to “Enshrined in Indissoluble Chains and Enlightened Darkness“, one of the three massive tracks that make up the new album by Germany’s Eremit, which is set for release by Transcending Obscurity Records on June 11th, and which continues the mythological story arc that the band started on their debut album, Carrier of Weight. It is not a quick hit. It is an experience of the other kind, a complete immersion in a different realm, the makings of a pitch-black (yet often poignant) spell — a meticulously plotted pageant of pain created through a union of bleak, earth-shaking heaviness, wraith-like eeriness, and the voice of a man being destroyed. Continue reading »