Dec 272018


The video that we’re about to present boils with nightmarish, mind-mutilating imagery, both lyrically and visually. The words refer to maelstroms of death and poisonous blood, to churning trances and dark forces of infinite devourment, to the sacrifice of human flesh in a black goat apocalypse — and the skin-shivering artwork is no less malignant and macabre. It all suits the music very well, which is itself a ravaging maelstrom of death designed to put the listener into a terrifying spell of possession by ancient evil.

The song in question is “Blasphemartyr“, and it comes from Omegalitheos, the third album by the Australian marauders in Eskhaton, which was released this past June by Lavadome Productions. Continue reading »

Mar 012014

In my last stream-of-consciousness post I explained that I spent the last three days on the road working. I was able to spend some time conducting my usual surveillance of the interhole in an effort to find new music, but  didn’t have enough time to do much actual listening or writing. Instead, I added to my ever-growing list of things to check out later. I made a small dent in that list this morning and came up with some discoveries I thought were worth passing on.


Eskhaton are based in Melbourne, Australia. They released a debut album named Nihilgoety in 2012, which I haven’t heard (it’s available on Bandcamp). Their second album is entitled Worship Death, it features killer cover art by Cesar  Valladares, and it’s due for release by the dependable Chaos Records on April 21. Last week a song from the new album began streaming on Eskhaton’s Bandcamp page, and I’ve got it for you here.

“Skeleton Shrine” is a goddamn vicious rampage of bestial blackened death metal. Subtlety and nuance are not the hallmarks of this style of metal — you go to it for the electric jolt it puts through your brain stem and the malevolent destructive force of its atmospherics. “Skeleton Shrine” delivers all that, and the flamethrower burst of the guitar soloing plus the complex tumbling of the drumwork put the icing on this poisonous cake. Continue reading »