Dec 272018


The video that we’re about to present boils with nightmarish, mind-mutilating imagery, both lyrically and visually. The words refer to maelstroms of death and poisonous blood, to churning trances and dark forces of infinite devourment, to the sacrifice of human flesh in a black goat apocalypse — and the skin-shivering artwork is no less malignant and macabre. It all suits the music very well, which is itself a ravaging maelstrom of death designed to put the listener into a terrifying spell of possession by ancient evil.

The song in question is “Blasphemartyr“, and it comes from Omegalitheos, the third album by the Australian marauders in Eskhaton, which was released this past June by Lavadome Productions.



When we first encountered the music of Eskhaton through their second album (2014’s Worship Death), we observed that subtlety and nuance are not the hallmarks of Eskhaton’s style of psychotic death metal — you go into it for the electric jolt it puts through your brain stem and for the music’s atmosphere of uncontainable malice and destruction. And that much is also true of “Blasphemartyr“, but through Eskhaton’s twisted ingenuity they also create an ensorcelling kind of chaos.

Everything sounds unhinged, as if we’ve been plummeted into a life-threatening demonic orgy, surrounded by storms of cruel, roiling riffs, deep pulsating bass tones, and furious battering percussion. Those horrid lyrics are expressed through imperiously cold-blooded and equally horrifying growls, and bursts of freakish soloing leap from the unchained savagery without warning, further powering the music’s electrifying impact.


The principal artwork in the video, “Tomb of All Time”, was created by Alex Tartsus Art Studios, while the black creatures emerging from the altar were created by Nether Temple Design. The video was made by YOD Multimedia.

Below we’ve provided not only this new lyric video, but also a previously released one for the song “Culthulhunatic“, which makes use of the album’s monstrous cover art crafted by Daemorph — and we’ll give you a chance to become immersed in the album as a whole. It’s available now through Lavadome Productions:







  1. Sick album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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