Jul 292019


The particular amalgamation of death and doom metal that the Italian band Esogenesi have created melds together moods of mystery, of revelation, and of heart-breaking sorrow and crushing desolation. Fully capable of inflicting stupefying levels of destructiveness, they prove themselves equally adept at guiding the mind through haunting melodic refrains to those isolated places where grief must be born alone, beyond the reach of consolation.

Esogenesi’s self-titled debut album is deeply immersive and emotionally searing. In addition, it’s a dynamic affair that allows the main ingredients of doom and death metal to each have their places of prominence, bruising both heart and bone in equal measure. And every song lingers after you’ve been caught up in the initial experience, in the memory of both the depths of their despondency and the stunning weight of their explosive power.

The song we’re premiering today, “Incarnazione Della Conoscenza” (Incarnation of Knowledge) is a prime example of these qualities, and how naturally they flow together under the guidance of this talented group. The album on which it appears will be released by Transcending Obscurity Records on October 4th. Continue reading »