Aug 252020


Beginning in April and continuing over a period of weeks Evaporated Sores began teasing the music of their debut album Ulcerous Dimensions by posting disturbing lines of black poetry on their Facebook page, accompanied by unsettling imagery that gave further definition to the words. The lines alone were these, in the order they appeared:

Collapse is rebirth, is death, is nothing.

Cosmic indifference
Inconsequential toil

Birth, decay, death
A feedback loop

A poisoned sea swallows the land.

Existence regurgitated into the void

Marching heedlessly, pitilessly, blindly.

Crushed by the weight of a billion suns.

The last of the Facebook installments, with its accompanying photo, was this one: Continue reading »

Aug 082020


Here’s a lucky 7 songs and videos I picked out after wading through a lot of new music that surfaced in the last few days. There’s no particular rhyme or reason to the way I’ve arranged them — no two songs are alike.


I needed this new song from Anaal Nathrakh. I’m so angry at the brain-dead walking corpse that passes for the United States these days. The video sums up some of what’s wrong, but so much is wrong that it only scratches the surface. Still, it proved cathartic, as did the viciousness of the music. And the brilliance of Dave Hunt‘s soaring voice in the chorus is a fuckin’ wonder. Continue reading »