May 192021


Among the masterful Rogga Johansson‘s multitude of bands and solo projects, each of which seems to indulge some different aspect of his interests under the encompassing umbrella of Swedish death metal, Eye of Purgatory is one of those in which emotive melody plays a more vital role than in others.

Eye of Purgatory released a debut full-length (The Rotting Enigma) in 2018, and a second album is now headed our way. Entitled The Lighthouse, it will be released on June 18th by Transcending Obscurity Records, and for this new record Rogga is joined by Taylor Nordberg (Ribspreader, Goregang, The Absence) on drums, lead guitars, and keyboards, and by Jeramie Kling (Venom Inc., Goregang, The Absence) on bass.

Through the premieres of three previous tracks from the album, it’s likely that many people have already discovered how much enjoyment The Lighthouse brings us, but perhaps we’ll still pick up additional ears through the song we’re presenting today — one that’s thrilling to hear but also has genuine staying power. Continue reading »