Jul 032012

The last time I made one of these MISCELLANY excursions was in late April. It may be September before I do another one, or it might be tomorrow. As you know, planning isn’t one of my strong suits, nor is impulse control.

Because so much time has passed since the last one of these installments, here’s a refresher on the rules of MISCELLANY: I randomly pick a few bands (usually ones who are pretty deep underground) whose music I’ve never heard and whose names are new to me. I listen to one song (but sometimes more than one — see above re lack of impulse control), I record my impressions here, and then I stream the song(s) so you can make up your own minds about whether further exploration would be worthwhile.

For these excursions, I used to pick bands from a running list of names drawn from the e-mails we get every day from bands, press agents, and readers, or from things I see while browsing the interhole. The list got so long and I got so lame in writing these posts that I gave up on updating the list. Now I’ll just have to go with whatever I’ve seen recently, based on . . . impulse.

Today’s MISCELLANY candidates are False Light (U.S.-Charleston), Røsenkøpf (U.S.-NYC), Depravation (Germany), and He Whose Ox Is Gored (U.S.-Seattle). As it turns out, all of the songs I heard for this post are available for free download. Continue reading »