Aug 212023

The Brazilian thrash metal band Farscape have a long and storied career, one that can be traced back to 1998. Beginning in 2001 their recording discharges came hot and heavy, straight through numerous splits and three albums. But after the last of those albums, 2013’s Primitive Blitzkrieg, Farscape fell silent.

Now, however, a long decade later, Farscape return, and remarkably with the same lineup, whose members spent the intervening years in other endeavors that included the likes of Diabolic Force, Atomic Roar, Apokalyptic Raids, Sodomizer, and later Whipstriker.

Back together in the Farscape harness, they’re releasing a new album named Purged and Forgotten through Dying Victims Productions on September 22nd, and today we’re bringing you the album’s diabolically electrifying title track. Continue reading »