Aug 212023

The Brazilian thrash metal band Farscape have a long and storied career, one that can be traced back to 1998. Beginning in 2001 their recording discharges came hot and heavy, straight through numerous splits and three albums. But after the last of those albums, 2013’s Primitive Blitzkrieg, Farscape fell silent.

Now, however, a long decade later, Farscape return, and remarkably with the same lineup, whose members spent the intervening years in other endeavors that included the likes of Diabolic Force, Atomic Roar, Apokalyptic Raids, Sodomizer, and later Whipstriker.

Back together in the Farscape harness, they’re releasing a new album named Purged and Forgotten through Dying Victims Productions on September 22nd, and today we’re bringing you the album’s diabolically electrifying title track.

The band’s affinity for fiery and furious Teutonic thrash hasn’t been purged or forgotten, but this new song is evidence that they’re equally interested in spinning heads as they are in overdosing listeners with adrenaline, and they’ve got the turbocharged technical chops necessary to transform some truly maniacal and unearthly conceptions into reality.

Slow haunted notes, perhaps delirious voices, and other strange noises provide the title song’s overture, but a long ghastly howl announces the true delirium — which bursts forth in frenetically darting fretwork and galloping drums.

The madness quickly becomes even more heated through an effusion of sizzling riffage and shrill snarls. The guitars writhe and rise in expressions of pernicious derangement while the drums relentlessly hammer away and the vocals keep coming for your throat in rabid screams.

But the music still hasn’t reached its greatest heights of delirium. That comes when a crazed solo contorts in a flickering, shrieking spasm, and the guitars and synths also wail in ghostly delight and feverishly twist and untwist like dancing mutated sprites.

There’s no relent in the song’s hard-driving momentum, the blazing and berserk speed of the riffing, or the unhinged demonism of the vocals. It all just keeps injecting high-octane lunacy into your mind, straight through to the gang snarls and fret-leaping frenzies near the end.

Dying Victims will release Purged and Forgotten in a regular gatefold LP edition on black vinyl, with poster, sticker, postcard and download code, as well as a special gatefold LP edition on halloween orange vinyl, with poster, sticker, postcard, download code and patch. And for those who aren’t into vinyl, it’s also available in CD and MC formats.

Explore the options via the links below, and don’t miss out on our stream of the album’s first single, “Leucotomy“, which immediately follows the title song on the record.



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