Aug 212023

We have a most fascinating piece of music with which to bless and curse your ears today, an experience that causes muscles to throb but minds to turn to smoke, and you may feel the cold fingers of apparitions caressing your neck as they bare their teeth behind you.

That’s just one way of trying to capture the music of “Dilucidando el Augurio de los Malos Espíritus“. Your own imaginations, awakened by the song, will probably supply others, especially if you listen in a dark cool place (catacombs would be ideal) only lit by candles.

The song is the title track from a debut album by the Salvadoran band Conflagración, which will soon be co-released by Morbid Skull Records and DeathRockerSorrow Records, and we’re presenting it with a video that provides a chilling companion to the spookiness and venom in the music.

The Conflagración duo of Miasma (Guitars/Bass/Ambient) and Hedor (drums) call their otherworldly music “acid metal”, and this new song does have the mind-loosening effects of psychedelics, but it’s also acidic in a different way.

The pacing isn’t quick — if the rhythm section moved any faster they would disrupt the song’s hypnotic effects. Yet the pulse of the bass and the steady groove of the drums will still get listeners moving reflexively. What goes on around those compulsive throbs and beats, however, is what brings the chills and thrills.

The guitars slowly writhe and ring, reverberating like astral emanations, or the winding tendrils of a lysergic dose. The enticing quiver of ghostly keyboards introduces elements of sorcery and gothic horror.

Speaking of horror, the vocals sound like a living gargoyle perched on decaying cathedral heights, whose crackling snarl is fracturing the old stone that confined it for centuries.

The guitars begin to vibrate, like heating poison; the rhythmic throbs and cracks grow more animated; a singing voice begin to make itself heard, wailing like a lost soul. The guitars chime again, like unearthly bells, the keyboard hauntings come out again; and the voices trade off, with the singer having the last laments.

In more prosaic terms, you could think of the song as a strange alchemical interaction of dark psychedelia, witchy doom, and black metal. Maybe thoughts of early Pink Floyd will also come to mind, or flashes of Oranssi Pazuzu.

The album is a follow-up to Conflagración‘s 2021 EP Luciftias. It includes seven tracks and 33 minutes of music. Morbid Skull will release it on MC and CD formats, and DeathRockerSorrow will release a limited 12″ vinyl LP edition. For more info, and to order it, check the links and addresses below.

We’ll leave you with these thoughts from Miasma:

“The creation of these songs started just after the release of our EP Luciftias back in 2021 because i felt there were still lots of ideas with the same energy so i decided to continue with the process which lasted a few months. The wait for this release has felt long but it’s worth to take the time to think and meditate the ideas so all is set as you hear it in your mind. This is acid from el salvador!”



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