Oct 282015

Fatum-Life Dungeons


A musician acquaintance of mine who recently started following our putrid site was pleasantly surprised at how many bands he had found here that he’d never heard of before, and he asked me how we find the music we write about. I can only speak for myself (because everyone here makes their own choices and writes what they want to write about).

In my case I do discover a lot of the music via press releases from labels, bands, and PR reps, but I would guess that more than half of what I choose to feature and review comes through tips from our readers and from messages or posts by Facebook friends. And that’s what I’m doing here — picking new music I’ve enjoyed from among recommendations I received yesterday via Facebook friends one from a reader e-mail.

Though you know I like to provide my own descriptions and reactions to what I hear, I can’t do that this time. I’ve got to leave town early this morning for my fucking day job, and until I get back home late tomorrow night I won’t have much blog time. But trust me — everything you’re about to hear is really good.


Fatum are from Moscow, Russia. Their new album is called Life Dungeons. It’s hell-on-wheels thrashing crust that will get your blood pumping. (Many thanks to Craig for posting about them on FB.) Continue reading »