Apr 042019


So much filth. Drowning in it, every orifice clogged with it. What does it say about us, we consumers of extreme metal, that so many of us hunger for aural noxiousness like dogs drawn to the taste of their own excrement? Hold that thought…

Filtheater, in all the most immediately obvious ways, pander to those listeners who hunger for foul and frightening experiences. Their name, of course, but beyond that the title of their new album — Blight of Sempiternal Putrefaction — and such song names as “Malevolent Transcendence”, “Amorphous Bulging Appendages”, and the track we’re premiering today, “A Veiled Loathing Throne“.

But if you ponder those titles, and others such as “Monologues of Reverence”, “Vapors of Human Sacrifice”, and “Unwelcome Illuminated Curiosity”, not to mention the cover art,  you’ll find clues to other dimensions of Filtheater’s brand of death metal, which proves to be eldritch as well as toxic. Continue reading »