Apr 222014

(In this post DGR reviews the debut album by Forever Dawn — the serious musical project of The Vegan Black Metal Chef.)

This is a review that has been a long time coming. Recently it’s probably the one that has been weighing on my mind the most, considering that I’ve consistently had the Bandcamp page for it open since finding it two weeks after the disc came out. I think by the time this poor thing is published, I will have deleted and restarted it close to ten times — in part because I wasn’t sure how to approach this release, wondering if I was paying it enough respect or even capable of analyzing its deeper value or whether it was worth listening to.

In part it has also taken some serious time to get my teeth into and be able to talk about because trying to pin it down to one genre is incredibly difficult; I want to make the argument that tagging it as just Industrial Black Metal feels wrong, but I don’t want to launch into some four-paragraph screed about what those words mean to me, given that genrification is already pretty goddamned subjective, without talking about the release as a whole beforehand.

But enough of the lengthy preamble, just what the fuck are we looking at here? Continue reading »

Jan 262014

I went to an annual party last night with co-workers, friends of theirs, and friends of mine. It’s a celebration of the life of Robert Burns on his birthday. He would be 255 years old if he were still around. I feel 255 years old this morning. I blame the amber bead.

As has become traditional, this morning I’m going to a “hangover-cure, southern-fried” feedbag at a friend’s house, attended by whoever else besides me survived last night’s blowout. There will be hair of the dog, in addition to a mess of high-calorie comfort food, none of which will cure my hangover — but misery loves company.

All of this is by way of excusing the fact that I don’t have a big mess of comfort metal to serve you today. But I hate to let a day go by without something new, and thanks to my NCS comrades, I have two somethings to throw up here on the site before I go ineffectually attempt to cure my hangover.

Did I just say throw up? A Freudian slip. Continue reading »