Jan 262014

I went to an annual party last night with co-workers, friends of theirs, and friends of mine. It’s a celebration of the life of Robert Burns on his birthday. He would be 255 years old if he were still around. I feel 255 years old this morning. I blame the amber bead.

As has become traditional, this morning I’m going to a “hangover-cure, southern-fried” feedbag at a friend’s house, attended by whoever else besides me survived last night’s blowout. There will be hair of the dog, in addition to a mess of high-calorie comfort food, none of which will cure my hangover — but misery loves company.

All of this is by way of excusing the fact that I don’t have a big mess of comfort metal to serve you today. But I hate to let a day go by without something new, and thanks to my NCS comrades, I have two somethings to throw up here on the site before I go ineffectually attempt to cure my hangover.

Did I just say throw up? A Freudian slip.


My first something is a new lyric video by a New Jersey band formerly named Exorbitance and now named Framework. Less than two weeks ago TheMadIsraeli reviewed their debut album under the Framework name, which he called “a fucking amazing record, showcasing these blood-hungry Americans’ ability to craft melodic death metal that retains the militancy and commitment to crafting brutal, yet epic songs that give you whiplash.”

The new video is for a song from that album named “The Stains of Time”. It actually made me feel better when I heard it this morning even though it’s a fireball attack of frenzied percussion, blazing riffage, and wolfish howling. Cool melody and very cool soloing. Check it out below (the album is “pay what you want” on Bandcamp).





Do you remember the Vegan Black Metal Chef?



I remember him, though I hadn’t thought about him in a long time. Well, via a message from DGR that came in while I was drowning myself in the amber bead last night, I found out that he has a solo music project named Forever Dawn that released a debut album earlier this month. Its title is The Long Journey Home and it’s on Bandcamp for $5.

In my current damaged condition and in my haste to head out to that “hangover-cure, southern-fried” brunch, I only listened to the first two tracks — “Maelstrom” and “Man Made Machine”. When DGR wrote me, he characterized the music as “heavy symphonic black with a couple of industrial spins and whirs”, and so it is. These songs made me feel better, too. They made me imagine that I was about to embark on an epic hunt with a wolf pack for companions instead of curling up in the fetal position and moaning pitifully. Listen below. See you later.



  1. Framework is awesome. I’ll have to check out Forever Dawn too.

  2. Forever Dawn sounds pretty cool, just might have to grab a copy of that one

  3. Both sound really cool. Will get to listening to it further in the morning (European times)! Good luck with the hangover!

  4. I remember seeing videos of the black metal chef but didn’t check them out as it seemed a bit cheesy. But the guy can pen some sweet tunes. The industrial vibe is very to the fore; I’d say equal parts black metal and industrial. Me likes.

    • The music in his videos was definitely a foreshadowing of this album, but it was kind of hard to pay attention to the music while watching what he was doing in the videos and listening to what he was singing. 🙂

    • I got much the same impression. I’d heard of this guy before, but hadn’t given him much thought, thinking it was some random internet troll with a YouTube channel being “metal” with food for shiggles. Yeah, I guess I too judge a book by it’s cover… er, corpse paint from time to time.

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