Jun 262023

(Not long ago we had the good fortune of premiering a tremendous song from a great debut album by Formless Oedon from the Philippines, coming out July 24th via their label Memento Mori, and now we have more good fortune — an interview by Comrade Aleks of all the band’s members.)

It’s a really curious case as all of our respondents today — Andrei Alemania (drums), Jonathan Miranda (guitars, bass), Rozel Nikko (vocals, guitars, bass), and Jayson Gonzales (guitars) — play in three different bands at the same time all together. They perform death metal in Nullification, they practice a sort of death/thrash metal in Desolator, and Formless Oedon became a vessel of their death metal ideas with slightly progressive and doomy edges.

Being formed in Laguna, Philippines, Formless Oedon seemed to have caught some luck and signed with the Spanish extreme metal label Memento Mori, which is preparing to release their Streams of Rot full-length album in late July. However, right now you can not only listen to their first tracks “Heavenly Abomination” and “Calcine Purification“, but also read this interview with Formless Oedon members. Continue reading »

Jun 212023

Like other bands around the globe, Formless Oedon from the Philippines came to life in time to release their first recording (the Deathless Luminosity EP) just as the world began to be consumed by the ravages of covid in March 2020. Fortunately, the EP still made an impression among fans of death metal, and particularly those with a hungering for the old-school filth of the Finnish tradition.

Even more fortunately, the pandemic and its lockdowns didn’t snuff out the creative fires of this band, and they managed to record a debut album named Streams of Rot that’s now set for release on July 24th by the Memento Mori label. As a sign of what’s coming, today we premiere the album’s second advance track, “Calcine Purification“. Continue reading »