Aug 142017


You may wonder about the meaning of the Greek word “phaneron“, as I did when I saw it in the title of the song we’re about to premiere. As one writer has put it, “The phaneron is essentially the real world filtered by our sensory input (sight, hearing, touch, etc)… the collective total of all that is in any way or in any sense present to the mind, quite regardless of whether it corresponds to any real thing or not.” You might then further ponder what it might mean for the phaneron to be eclipsed.

While you think on that question, listen to the song, which is quite a mind-bender in its own right. It’s by a band from New Delhi, India, named Fragarak and it comes from their imposing new double-album A Spectral Oblivion, which will be released by Transcending Obscurity India on October 30. Continue reading »