Jul 052012

In this post I’m collecting new songs (and one video) from four bands that surfaced over the least 48 hours. The musical styles are different, but the new tracks have this in common: they’ll centrifuge that tofu-like substance housed by your skull into a sticky merengue.


Nachtmystium’s new album, Silencing Machine, has been making the rounds among your NCS comrades and has been getting an enthusiastic reception. We will have a review of the album and a Blake Judd interview in the not-too-distant future, or at least within the lifespan of a Galápagos tortoise. Two songs from the album have already premiered — the title track and “Borrowed Hope and Broken Dreams” — and yesterday brought us a third one, courtesy of The Onion’s A.V. Club.

The latest song is “Decimation, Annihilation”. With a name like that, one would expect the song to do some decimation’ and annihilatin’, but it really didn’t sound completely like what I was expecting.

In many ways, this album is evidence that Nachtmystium got most of the weirdness out of their system with the Black Meddle albums and have returned to the more aggressive, more raw, black-metal based slashing of Instinct: Decay. But the rhythms at the beginning and end of this new song are still a curveball — with something closer to black-metal decimation and annihilation layered in the middle. Hear it for yourself, right after the jump. Continue reading »