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In this post I’m collecting new songs (and one video) from four bands that surfaced over the least 48 hours. The musical styles are different, but the new tracks have this in common: they’ll centrifuge that tofu-like substance housed by your skull into a sticky merengue.


Nachtmystium’s new album, Silencing Machine, has been making the rounds among your NCS comrades and has been getting an enthusiastic reception. We will have a review of the album and a Blake Judd interview in the not-too-distant future, or at least within the lifespan of a Galápagos tortoise. Two songs from the album have already premiered — the title track and “Borrowed Hope and Broken Dreams” — and yesterday brought us a third one, courtesy of The Onion’s A.V. Club.

The latest song is “Decimation, Annihilation”. With a name like that, one would expect the song to do some decimation’ and annihilatin’, but it really didn’t sound completely like what I was expecting.

In many ways, this album is evidence that Nachtmystium got most of the weirdness out of their system with the Black Meddle albums and have returned to the more aggressive, more raw, black-metal based slashing of Instinct: Decay. But the rhythms at the beginning and end of this new song are still a curveball — with something closer to black-metal decimation and annihilation layered in the middle. Hear it for yourself, right after the jump.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/51570996″ iframe=”true” /]

Silencing Machine will be released on July 31 via Century Media. Nachtmystium is on Facebook here.


Vomitor are a band of nuclear terrorists from Brisbane, Australia. They have a new 7-track album by the name of The Escalation due for release in September via Invictus Productions, Iron Bonehead, and Hells Headbangers. The album will feature the band’s new co-lead guitarist — none other than Horror Illogium of Australia’s Portal.

Yesterday, Vomitor put three songs from the new album up on YouTube for streaming — “The Escalation”, “Pits of Nightmare – Pitch Black”, and “Prayer To Hell”. All three of them are embedded below. They’re as raw as fresh hamburger, as rough as a carpenter’s calluses, and about as no-bullshit as you can get. They sound like they were recorded in a garage with equipment bought at a yard sale, and no fucks were given.

It’s really old school death metal, with the punk and speed-metal/thrash roots laid bare. There’s plenty of guitar distortion, but not to Swedeath chainsaw levels of low. There are muffled, strangulated vocals, but not in the cavernous end of the range. You get a freaky electrified noise intro to “Pits of Nightmare – Pitch Black” that lasts for two minutes before the guitars start cutting a swath of tremolo grinding and the drums dole out a helping of d-beat and snare blasting. You get spastic guitar solos that sound like ambulance sirens with minds of their own.

And did I mention the whole thing is really rough and really raw? Did I also mention that it’s a whole hell of a lot of fun to hear? Well it is. There’s an unpretentious honesty to the music that’s refreshing, and it definitely has the ring of authenticity, like an old tape from about 1987 discovered in an attic. Check it out:




Vomitor’s Facebook page can be found here.


Gallows is a UK-based hardcore punk band whose new, self-titled album (their third) will be released on September 10, 2012, through the band’s label, Venn Records. About a week ago, the band made a track called “Last June” available for free download. And more recently, they  released an official video for the song, which is what I’ve got for you below.

There seems to be more than a little controversy within the ranks of Gallows fans over the replacement of vocalist Frank Carter — who jumped ship last year — with Wade MacNeil, the former guitarist for Canada’s Alexisonfire, but I like the new song. It has an old-school punk vibe, a catchy chorus, a heavy decelerated segment, and a few nifty guitar and bass parts to go along with the basic boot-to-the-throat energy. The video sends a subtle message about the police.


Here are band links:


To download “Last June” in return for an e-mail address, go HERE.


I found out about NYC’s Cut Your Teeth through my buddy groverXIII (now Professor D. Grover the XIIIth of Oculus Infernus). He wrote adoringly about them at The Number of the Blog and then featured them in a couple of posts here at NCS, including one that put their last album on his list of 2011’s best releases.

Yesterday, to celebrate our nation’s declaration of independence, Cut Your Teeth self-released a new five-track EP titled 2 Hot 3 Handle, featuring songs such as “It’s A Party”, “Kegwar”, and “Ice Cold Beer”. As with all CYT releases, this one is a free download at Bandcamp (here).

2 Hot 3 Handle is just some good, wholesome, all-American summer fun, the kind of fun that includes a swift kick in the nuts and sliding on vomit-smeared floors in mosh pits across the length and breadth of this great land of ours. CYT continue to create a ripping fusion of thrash and hardcore punk, with some goddamn awesome guitar solos, some goddamn thundering breakdowns, and enough goddamn bass-heavy punch and jugular-bursting vocalization to fuck you up in the best possible way, with or without beer. Listen to this shit and spread it around:


  1. Hopefully the new incarnation of Gallows will be better… I really never got what everyone saw in them over here, they pretty anaemic in how much they really managed to “rock”, the punk was all a bit chavvy and aggro, the achingly hip NME-chasing collaborations and such were all weak as hell, and huge swathes of their music was just generic indie-rock with a bloke caterwauling aimlessly over it.

    Wow… that was harsh. Still, I stand by it. Though I acknowledge this is all based on my experiences of the band off-and-on over the years, rather than a detailed summation of their catalogue.

    • How do you think the new track compares to the previous material?

      • Better. More solid. Black Flag-ier.

        Though it looks like Joseph disagrees. I found both their preceding records to be rather empty and soulless. Sound and fury signifying nothing.

    • I loved Orchestra of Wolves except for the Ruts cover (the original’s just legendary and can’t be beaten) but I found Grey Britain a bit bland

  2. Like Vomitor!!! and digging the new NACHTMYSTIUM track, hope the go back to their roots!!

  3. Not really into the new Nachtmystium… the last album was pretty good, nothing super-special but it was enjoyable and certainly worth what I paid for it; that being said, this is a step down for me. I’ll give it some more tries though.

  4. New Cut Your Teeth. Yeah baby!

  5. I love the new Nachtmystium (interview with Blake went great, BTW, except he told me a ton of shit that we can’t print!)

    As for Gallows, their debut might be the best contemporary punk rock record since And Out Came The Wolves by Rancid… their Grey Britain album, however, left me pretty cold. I adore that band and I cannot imagine them without Frank. I don’t think the new material is stacking up so far.

    And CYT? Fucking great band. A lot like Gallows in many respects. That fucking crunk/swagg breakdown at the end of “It’s a Party” threw me off!

  6. Cut Your Teeth + Vomitor = Fuck yeah.

    Lo-fi crusty thrash till I die.

  7. Egad… I’m away from the internet for a day, and Cut Your Teeth go and release a new EP.

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