Mar 142015

artwork by Kirill

I hope all of you are having, have had, or will have a good Saturday. For those who missed my “Blog Slowdown” post last weekend, I’m mired in an out-of-town project for my fucking day job,  a 7-day-a-week, 18-hour-per-day grind that’s now about halfway complete, with about 10 days left.

I’ve had very little time to do much at NCS but write about some premieres and get the writing of other people posted on the site. That will be true for the next 10 days as well, though I think I’ll have a little extra free time this weekend, and I hope to do something with that for a post tomorrow.

Meanwhile, other people have been stepping up and helping to provide content for the site, both our regular writers and guests. Here’s what’s coming: Continue reading »