Nov 022018


This is not Doom. Perish that thought immediately. This music is something like the opposite of Doom, something like a blazing meteor or a rocket to the Sun.

This may come as no surprise to those of you familiar with Goats of Doom (though perhaps fueled by a goatish lust, they’re not actually goats either), but for newcomers we thought it best to get the potential misdirection of the band’s name out of the way up-front. And even for those who might have partaken of their previous releases, we’ll venture to say that you’re in for a surprise, too.

This Finnish group’s new album, Rukous, reflects the contributions of a new member, in addition to the founding duo of Scaregod and Inasnum, and it further represents a change of style, as you’ll discover through our premiere of a song from the new release called “Sokeus Johtaa Kansaa“. Continue reading »